How to Get Here

CCDA, Memphis truly wants you here. So many people from so many churches, ministries, and organizations have reached out to invite you that we’re having trouble keeping up.

We are ready for you. We want you to see the impact Christian Community Development has already made here. We want to join you in making this place even better. Ask any pastor or leader around the city and they will tell you. Memphis Loves CCDA!

On behalf of the City of Memphis, I invite you to contact me so we can get you here as soon as possible.

John Carroll

(901) 628-5474

The People

Here they are, from top to bottom, left to right, the Memphians who appeared on camera to say “we want the CCDA!” Dozens more who couldn’t make the video still want to voice their support for the CCDA in Memphis:


Hey Noel, we hear you like to run.

How does taking the CCDA on a run by the beautiful, historic Mississippi River in Martin Luther
King Riverside Park sound?

Memphis loves the CCDA. Come on down.

Salsa in Memphis

Memphis has got that something that makes you want to dance, and we know the CCDA is not immune to the dancing bug.

Visit the Rumba Room during the conference and get your groove on.

Here’s a real picture taken of real people doing salsa in our great city! You have to come!

Brad Dunlap Loves the CCDA

Hey, I’m Brad Dunlap, I’m the pastor at Mercy Hill Church, and I really want CCDA to come to Memphis.

Melvin Watkins Loves the CCDA

Through the years I have been greatly impacted by CCDA and have desired to have my entire ministry team attend. I feel that the timing and circumstances are replete with opportunity for CCDA to lift our city and equip us for transformational ministry. I am pleased and have no hesitation to invite CCDA to come to our great city! Memphis needs you!

Rev. Melvin Watkins
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church-Westwood

Donald Williams Loves the CCDA

Hello, my name is Reverend Donald Williams. I’m here in Memphis, Tennessee, and we’re asking for the Christian Community Development Association to come to Memphis. have your conference here in Memphis. Thank you, and God bless you.

Christopher Long Loves the CCDA

Hey, my name is Minister Christopher Long and I’m a member here at Golden Gate Cathedral in Memphis, Tennessee. CCDA, you all should come here to Memphis, Tennessee. In the book of Psalms, 24:1, it said that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. If there’s any part of the earth that you should come to, it should be the earth of Memphis, Tennessee.

Jonathan McIntosh

Hey, I’m Jonathan McIntosh, pastor of Christ City Church in Midtown Memphis, and we really want CCDA to host their national conference here in Memphis. Choose 901!